Breathing defense war: Does 99% purification effect of air purifier solve all problems?

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Is the purification effect good?

You must have learned a point of knowledge, that when buying an air purifier, the first thing to pay attention to is the clean air volume (CADR), which is how much clean air the purifier can provide unit time.

This indicator means something. In Chinese national standard GB/T18801-2015 "Air Purifier" (implemented on March 1, 2016), the clean air volume (CADR), cumulative purification volume (CCM), energy consumption, and noise are the four main performance indicators of air purifiers.

It is also based on the new national standard that in October 2016, the AQSIQ conducted a special spot check on national supervision of product quality and announced the specific inspection results for the first time, replacing the previous only indicating qualified and unqualified products.

When the haze is severe, the larger the room area, the larger the volume of air that needs to be purified indoors. If the CADR value of the purifier you buy is too small, the speed of purifying the air will not be able to catch up with the infiltration of outdoor particulate matter and the pollution caused by indoor pollution sources. It will cause the concentration of indoor particulate matter to remain high.

Is the data really true?

According to the idea that the larger the CADR value, the better, just look at the CADR level to choose? That can only say that you are too naive!

Although it is stipulated in the new national standard to indicate the CADR value, some manufacturers may still be "self-produced and self-inspected". So the data source is very important! Air purifiers that are tested by professional organizations are reliable and convincing.

The most famous overseas is the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), which is currently an internationally recognized third-party independent testing organization for testing and evaluating the performance of air purifiers.

The higher the filter level, the better?

Common HEPA filter paper has a higher grade and a higher density. Therefore, if you rely only on high-density filter paper to perform the purification function, although the interception of fine particles will become stronger, the resistance will increase, which will reduce the air volume. Therefore, if equipped with the highest level of filter, the reduction of wind will affect CADR, and will also cause problems such as small applicable area, increased model size, high power consumption, and high noise. Not only can it not get better purification results in normal use, but also bear the huge cost of electricity.

The United States and the European Union also have energy-saving programs, among which the well-known ones are: the US "Energy Star" (Energy Star), the US California Energy Efficiency (CEC), and the European Energy Efficiency (Energy Efficacy).

Take the US "Energy Star" as an example, which is a government plan jointly promoted by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency, which began in 1992. Compared with ordinary products, products with the "Energy Star" logo can reduce energy consumption by about 40%.

Is it noisy at night?

Mute is very important, and it is easy to overlook. Not only the outdoor haze but also indoor decoration materials, domestic waste, second-hand smoke, etc., are all sources of pollution. In order to ensure indoor air quality, air purifiers need to be continuously operated. People spend 80% of their day indoors, and half of them are in sleep, so the silence of the air purifier is particularly important. Especially the elderly, pregnant women, and newborns need clean air the most, and they also need a quiet environment to ensure rest and sleep.

The CADR value of the purifier we usually see marked by the purifier manufacturer is the value under the maximum working mode. The average person will not always drive the maximum gear at home but pay attention to the mute effect of the product when choosing. Especially when the haze is severe, a quiet home environment is also required for 24-hour startup.

When using an air purifier in a commonly used low gear, the noise will be low, but there is another contradiction: CADR value will be reduced, that is, the purification effect cannot be guaranteed. This contradiction is similar to the contradiction of energy consumption, a high practicality A high-degree air purifier will strive to achieve a relatively good balance. In this respect, Blueair's HEPASilent® technology does a better job. Combining the advantages of mechanical filtration and ionization filtration can reduce noise while ensuring CADR performance. , This is probably the origin of "Silent" in this patented technology.

Is there any ozone emission?

Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, and high concentrations can make the respiratory tract very uncomfortable and cause various diseases. Electrostatic dust collection technology is an air purification technology that charges particles in the air and is absorbed by electrodes. Although it has the advantages of quietness, low maintenance cost, and zero consumables, pure electrostatic dust collection is still banned in some countries. The reason is that electrostatic dust collection technology may cause ozone to exceed the standard.

However, ionization does have its advantages. The aforementioned HEPA Silent® patented technology combines ionization and HEPA filter filtration methods, making the wind resistance much smaller than HEPA filter filtration. It has also passed the California Air Resources Commission. (CARB) ozone detection, its standard threshold is 50 ppb, which means that the peak value of the 24-hour cumulative concentration of the exhaust port must be less than five parts per billion.

Is the filter life long?

The life of the filter is usually tested extensively. It is necessary to consider the actual purification efficiency and material life, as well as the secondary pollution caused by long-term adsorption of pollutants. This time is also related to the user's usage habits, but even the best quality filter needs to be replaced regularly. A gimmick like "super long life of the filter", please be vigilant. If you want to know the indoor air condition, you can apply to the manufacturer for door-to-door testing or purchase a portable testing instrument. The real data will help users understand the actual effect of the air purifier.

In addition to the filter life, remember to pay attention to the issue of filter replacement. The air purifier is not a mobile phone, and the average family does not change it every year. In case the filter is discontinued along with the model, then you can cry without tears. It is recommended to choose a brand with its own filter factory, they generally can guarantee the long-term supply of subsequent filters.