JP-D76 4 in 1 Multifunctional Slicker Pet Brush for Dogs & Cats (Pro Version)

Pro Version
- For Short/Long Haired Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, etc.
- Effective Yet Gentle Cleaning
- Smooth Hair & Healthy Coat
- Self-Cleaning & Hassle-free
- Ionic Sterilization & Static Elimination
- Relaxing & Soothing Vibration Massage
- Ringworm Detector UV Lamp
- Interactive Laser Teasing for Fun

Wemew multifunctional pet brush series
Wemew Pet Grooming Slicker Brush Pro Version and Lite Version

WeMew 4 in 1 Multifunctional Slicker Pet Brush
JP-D76 Multifunctional Slicker Pet Brush for Dogs & Cats4 in 1 Multifunctional Slicker Pet Brush

Pet grooming brush
Self Cleaning Grooming Cat Brush

detail of bristles design of massaging slicker brush for pet

One Click Self Cleaning Grooming Brush with Release Button for Pet Hair

WeMew Negative Ion Pet Brush with Ionic Functions

Sterilization Disinfection Kill Bacteria Pet Brush

pet hair brush for smooth and fluffy fur
negative ion pet brush remove static
all in one Multifunctional Slicker Brush for Pets

Vibration Massage  Pet Brush for Dogs & Cats
WeMew Pet Brush with UV UVA Wood's Lamp for Ringworm, Fungi and Skin Diseases Detection Health Check
WeMew Pet Brush with Cat Red light Dot laser Pointer Toy

WeMew Electric Pet Brush with Rechargeable Battery

WeMew Pet Brush with Stainless Steel Bristles, Silicone Handle Grip and Hanging Loop Hole

WeMew Pet Brush with CE RoHS Fcc Certificates, Patents, Test Reports
Best Gift for Pets Owners Grooming BrushWeMew Pet Brush specifications

WeMew Multifunctional Pet Brush
For Dogs & Cats

Negative Ions · Vibration massage · Wood's Lamp · Red Light Pointer

Redefined Grooming Experience

Combining unique bristles, negative ion technology, and vibration, WeMew Pet Brush makes it much easier and more effective to remove loose hair, dander, dirt, and get rid of stubborn tangles, knots, mats, keeping your pet's coat smooth, shiny and healthy.

Benefits from Negative Ion Technology

WeMew Pet Brush adopts ionic technology. It can easily solve problems that an ordinary hairbrush cannot solve, but also bring you extra benefits.

- Remove Allergens While Grooming

Negative ions can effectively eliminate lurking allergens in pet hair and skin, reducing the risk of human-pet illness.

- Make Fur Smoother & Healthier

Negative ions neutralize the positive ions in the hair, and make your pet's hair shiny, smooth, frizz-free, and healthy.

- Eliminate Static in Hair

No longer afraid of static electricity shock when playing with your cats and dogs in autumn and winter.

Double Enjoyment Vibration Massage

The rounded massage beads apply pressure while the 11,000 RPM motor provides gentle vibration, giving your furry friend a dual massage experience that promotes blood circulation, soothes emotions, and adds vitality to their health.

Health Check with Wood's Lamp

WeMew Pet Brush is equipped with a UVA Wood's lamp that can effectively detect fungi and skin diseases such as ringworm in pets, allowing for early detection and treatment. It can also detect pet urine stains, as well as fluorescent agents in daily necessities such as tissues and wet wipes.

Fun with Red light Pointer

Perfect for interactive playtime. Your furry friend will love chasing the bright red dot and getting some exercise in the

process. And you'll love watching them have fun!

ODM / OEM Customization

We provide OEM/ODM Service.

If you would like to have logo printing or customize the packaging and other features.

Please contact us for more details.

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    Pablo Villalpando

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