What is the use of car purifiers? What should I pay attention to before buying?

Date: 2021-11-01 Categories: Industry News Hits: 249

      With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people own their cars. Because of the increasing number of vehicles, many traffic problems have naturally arisen. For example, traffic jams are more common nowadays. Not to mention first-tier cities, even second and third-tier cities will be blocked in rush hours. In addition to problems such as traffic jams, there is another problem that cannot be ignored, that is, the air quality in the car.

      Because the space in the car is limited and relatively closed, if you don't pay attention to it, you will inevitably have peculiar smells, bacteria and viruses in the car. If it is a new car, there will be formaldehyde problems. In order to purify the air, some car owners usually open the windows or put perfume in the car. Although these methods have a certain effect on purifying the air in the car, they are not very useful for bacteria and viruses, because bacteria breed in the corners of the car. However, just opening the car window or putting perfume on it will not solve this problem at all, unless a vehicle-mounted purifier is placed in the car for professional sterilization and disinfection. However, some car owners will still have doubts, is a car air purifier really useful? There are still some car owners who have no thoughts on how to buy an air purifier. The following will briefly talk about these two questions.

One, the purpose of the car purifier

1. Harmful particles in the car

The car air purifier can effectively degrade various suspended particles in the car, such as dust, smoke, and fiber impurities, which can be inhaled by the human body and can effectively prevent the human body from breathing these harmful floating dust particles.

2. Bacteria and pollutants in the car

The car air purifier can effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, etc. in the air and on the surface of the car, and can also remove dander and pollen in the air at the same time, which can effectively reduce the possibility of disease and prevent bacteria and pollution. The spread of objects in the air.

3. Peculiar smell in the car

Car air purifiers can effectively remove odors and air-polluting objects emitted from food, pets, tobacco, gasoline, and continuously purify the air to ensure a virtuous cycle of indoor air.

4. Chemical gas

The car air purifier can effectively neutralize harmful gases such as volatile organics, formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, misty hydrocarbons, paint, etc., so as to fully protect the clean air and make the people in the car worry-free.

Second, let's talk about how to buy a household air purifier

1. Look for brand manufacturers first

Everyone knows that you get what you pay for. Large brands have more guarantees than small brands in terms of brand credibility and company strength. Therefore, in today's mixed air purification equipment market, choosing one car purifier manufacturers with a brand reputation has become important. It is the buyer's first choice to have sufficient technical strength and perfect after-sales service.

2. Then the technical issues

Car air purifiers have a variety of purification technologies due to purification media, such as negative ion technology, filter technology, and electrostatic adsorption technology. Air negative ion technology can effectively eliminate the hazards of particles entering the lungs. The negative ion air purifier does not require a filter and does not require a fan. Instead, it releases negative ions to remove small particles in the air, thereby reducing the harm of air fine particles to human health.

3. Is it easy to use

Because the car air purifier needs to be placed in the car, it is quite different from other air purifiers. The car air purifier must be fixed in consideration. In addition, the space in the car is limited. The place where it can be placed is the center console and teacup seat, seatback, etc., so the portability and ease of use of the product is very important. Car air purifiers on the market now come in various shapes, such as round, square, shell, etc. Most of them need to be placed flat, fixed on the cup holder, or tied to the back of the seat. This requires before buying, you must plan the space utilization rate in the car, and consider whether it is convenient to use, whether it is safe, and other issues. There are also some car air purifiers equipped with mobile APP, which will be more convenient to use.

4. The last thing is to replace the filter

If your car air purifier uses a HEPA filter to purify the air, you should consider replacing the filter element regularly. Because the HEPA filter material will gradually be blocked with the use of time, resulting in a decline in purification capacity, and even secondary pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the problem of replacing the filter before purchasing. Under normal circumstances, the replacement cycle of the HEPA filter of the car air purifier is 6-12 months. If the user is more diligent and the pollution is more serious, it may be less than 6 The filter must be replaced within a few months.

The above is the content of the car purifier that I will talk to you about today, hoping to help you better understand the car purifier. Ionkini is a solution provider focusing on smart air purification equipment, focusing on smart air purification equipment for many years, and is committed to providing customers with air purification equipment customization/OEM/ODM. If you want to know more about air purification equipment, please pay attention and consult, thank you!