To get rid of the peculiar smell of a new car, these misunderstandings must be avoided

Date: 2021-12-27 Categories: Industry News Hits: 825

      You may have more or less experienced the "odor inside the car". I remember that the car I hated most is the "unpleasant" car. When I get on it, I feel dizzy and feel sick after sitting for a long time. , I don't know what kind of taste it is, anyway, it just makes you uncomfortable.

      Speaking of deodorization, first of all, you need to know the three sources of car odor:

1. The peculiar smell of automobile parts, including leather, cloth seats, various plastic materials, adhesives, etc. (New cars are especially serious)

2. The peculiar smell of air conditioning ducts. (Old cars are especially serious)

3. The smell of various sundries in the car. (If you don’t die, oil, shoes, food, sour and refreshing are enough to taste)

      Today I’m talking about the "in-car odor"-the odor of the car itself. One of the chemicals in the manufactured car is "toxic" but indispensable, and that is formaldehyde.

      If you neglect the removal of "formaldehyde", it is meaningless. After the renovation of the new house, the windows are opened for half a year. This is the ultimate magic weapon for people to remove formaldehyde from the house, but cars can’t do this. So how should we get rid of odor and formaldehyde?

      First of all, can various fruit peels and perfumes get rid of odors? According to various data surveys, it is found that this method cannot remove the peculiar smell, but can only cover the peculiar smell. The popular folk methods are orange peel, grapefruit peel, and pineapple peel, which can get rid of the odor when placed in the car. However, this is not the case. This is at best to cover up the peculiar smell and has no effect on the absorption and removal of harmful substances in the air. It is because the freshness of the fruit peel itself covers all of this, making you think that there is no peculiar smell.

      Perfume is the least effective method. The inferior perfume itself contains harmful substances, let alone eliminate odors. But taking a step back, even if you spray the perfume of Dior and Chanel in the car, it will not help in removing the odor.

      Then there is a saying that "vinegar" can be used to remove odors and formaldehyde by adding water and putting it in the car. However, this is not entirely the case. It is true that vinegar, as an acidic substance, can kill bacteria, but it can't remove formaldehyde and harmful substances. Putting vinegar with water on the car only acts as adsorption for peculiar smells and harmful substances, and is not completely useful.

      What should we do in the end? The methods of removing formaldehyde include the following: adsorption, chemical reaction, plant absorption; adsorption is the most commonly used and most effective method. Frequent ventilation activated carbon or bamboo charcoal package, the purifier in the car is the key. These three points are a permanent cure. Isn't it difficult to open the window for two minutes while driving? The air volume in the car is small, and the open window has high fluidity, and the smell is easy to emit.

      Now that winter is here, it may be difficult to ventilate, so I recommend several car air purifiers to you.