The real air pollution comes from indoors

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In many office buildings, dozens or even hundreds of people work in an open office area, with a computer in front of each person, and radiation mixed with dirty air is released to everyone at work. Although sitting in a comfortable office, many people have symptoms such as headache, chest tightness, cough, wheezing, shoulder and neck pain.

People can't help thinking: What will happen to the office in such an environment in 20 years?

Red-eyed hunchback and sallow complexion-this is a model of office workers made in the UK 20 years later, very horrible!

The working environment has a great negative impact on our sedentary lifestyle, especially the air we breathe at work.

According to a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States, modern people spend an average of 90% of their time living and working indoors, and office workers spend an average of 40 hours a week in office buildings.

The degree of indoor air pollution in modern cities is hundreds of times higher than outdoors. The air is full of various suspended particles, with diverse sources and complex compositions. Therefore, some experts believe that most people are more affected by indoor air pollution than outdoor air pollution.

Walls, desks, chairs, printers...Many products that we directly or indirectly come into contact with within our office will release formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, and other harmful substances, which can cause harm to our body, such as the human respiratory system, cardiovascular system, and blood. system.

Indoor air quality affects people's health, comfort, happiness, and work efficiency. The quality of indoor air has an increasingly obvious role in attracting and retaining talents. In recent years, air quality has been second only to rising rents and has become the second biggest concern of corporate users in the office building market.

As indoor air pollution is becoming more and more serious, the green office has become the core soft power for differentiated competition among enterprises in today's era and to improve the happiness index of employees. Many people think that it is a decent thing to work and meet guests in a fresh and comfortable environment. 

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people only pay attention to the beauty and comfort of offices and rooms. The interior decoration heat is heating up, but they ignore that the materials used in the decoration will release toxic and harmful gases, including formaldehyde and benzene. , Toluene, xylene, and other volatile organic compounds.

With the emergence of newly renovated office buildings and office buildings, more and more companies choose to work in new high-end office spaces. However, the general office buildings are poorly ventilated, and some office areas are decorated with a large number of decorative materials, resulting in excessive indoor formaldehyde. Excessive formaldehyde in offices has become one of the worst-hit areas for people's health today!

24 hours a day, more than ten hours of eating and sleeping at home, we have at least 8-9 hours a day, or even longer, in the office, so the indoor air quality in the office directly affects the health of white-collar workers. healthy.

Generally speaking, excessive formaldehyde in the office is caused by the following two situations:

1. The office is newly decorated, and the decoration materials used are non-green environmental protection materials such as paint;

2. With the passage of time, the formaldehyde emitted by office interiors, wall coatings, adhesives, office furniture, printers, etc., exhibits a superimposed effect in a limited space, thus exceeding the standard.

What are the hazards of excessive formaldehyde to office employees?

Excessive indoor formaldehyde can cause red and swollen eyes, congestion, difficulty breathing, dry throat, dizziness and other conditions. In severe cases, it can also cause chronic respiratory diseases, cause nasopharyngeal, colon cancer, brain tumors, and gene mutations in the nucleus, and cause women Menstrual disorders, lack of passion for work, and poor physical condition.

Misunderstandings of Indoor Air Governance

1. Lack of environmental protection awareness. Many people always don’t take it seriously. They feel that as long as there is no peculiar smell in the room, there will be no pollution. After the office is decorated, they will move in and work steadily. Ventilation can remove indoor pollution.

2. Over-reliance on [Zero Formaldehyde] Building materials. Many people wondered why the environmentally-friendly materials they purchased clearly exceeded the standard of formaldehyde? In order to cater to consumers' health and environmental protection, the household market promotes "formaldehyde-free" and "zero-formaldehyde" products. In fact, corn starch glue is used to replace traditional urea-formaldehyde glue in the board production process. Buying such building materials products can reduce some of the pollutions. However, it is still impossible to achieve [zero formaldehyde]! Although everyone knows that healthy and environmentally friendly building materials must be used for decoration, in the actual operation process, the newly decorated office building, the formaldehyde in the air is inevitable.

Office workers can do this:

■ If the office has windows that can be opened, it should be more ventilated

Ventilation is also the most cost-effective way. Moving air can directly discharge gaseous pollutants. However, the period required for ventilation is as little as six months or as long as one year, because once settled, in order to maintain a suitable office temperature, especially in winter and summer, it is difficult to ensure long-term ventilation every day.

■ Leave professional matters to professional people, and the air purifier will refresh your air

Air purifiers are developing rapidly, and air purifiers with different functions have appeared one after another. Professional air essence technology, professional production equipment, and professional air purifier factory. Can effectively protect your office environment.