How to choose an air purifier for a family with children?

Date: 2022-06-17 Categories: Industry News Hits: 824

      In the face of severe air pollution, the smog index in all parts of the country remains high. Many people think that it is safe to go home. In fact, hiding indoors is not immune. Therefore, more and more families choose to buy air purifiers to improve indoor air quality. , to protect the health of the family. However, many consumers do not know how to choose a home air purifier. Today, we will analyze in-depth the effect of the purifier, operational practicability, consumables, after-sales, and other issues.

      Air purifier purification effect Household air purifiers can be mainly divided into physical filtration, electrostatic adsorption, and hybrid from the working principle. The mixed type has both filters and negative ions, and the purification is more thorough. It represents the brand Qinyuan air purifier, which is mainly introduced today. CADR refers to the clean air output ratio, which is a decisive indicator of the performance of an air purifier. The larger the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. The CADR value of Qinyuan air purifier J57-D4 is as high as 468.5. At present, the mainstream air purifiers on the market are dual-purification types, such as Qinyuan air purifiers, which use hybrid active purification, which has both filters and negative ions, making purification more efficient. Consumers must pay attention to screening when purchasing. Many air purifiers on the market still use passive purification, and the purification ability and effect are very general. In addition, several parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing, such as energy efficiency grade, formaldehyde removal rate, benzene removal rate, air volume, etc.

      How do families with children choose?

Households with children have a higher demand for air purifiers than ordinary consumers. Therefore, when purchasing an air purifier, in addition to technical indicators, we should also consider whether the product design is user-friendly and whether the operation is simple and convenient. For example, the Qinyuan air purifier has a fully intelligent system, such as intelligent air quality detection, intelligent air purification, intelligent timing, an intelligent reminder of filter update, etc., as well as the intelligent power-off protection function when the cover is opened. The air purifier of Qinyuan will automatically cut off the power to protect the child or open the front panel, which is very user-friendly. When purchasing, you should try to choose an air purifier that is intelligent and user-friendly. The problem of noise is actually closely related to the health of pregnant women and infants. Excessive noise will affect the sleep of pregnant women and babies. Because there are more purifiers in Europe and the United States, and Europeans and Americans are accustomed to ventilation, their products are relatively rough and generally noisy. When purchasing, we should choose an air purifier with sleep mode as much as possible to ensure the sleep quality of pregnant women and babies. For example, the Qinyuan air purifier has a full screen-off sleep mode. After pressing the sleep mode, it enters the ultra-quiet state, and the screen is automatically turned off in 30 seconds, without disturbing sleep.