Should we replace the filter of air purifier at home

Date: 2022-05-05 Categories: Industry News Hits: 302

With the chain reaction of smog, air purifiers have become popular. It has basically become a standard electrical appliance in every household. However, it was used. But the understanding of it is still hazy. And as one of the cores of the air purifier - the filter. I don't know if you are monitoring and replacing it?

1. Why does the air purifier need to replace the filter?

The more common air purifiers on the market are mainly passive and active. The passive type mainly absorbs and filters the impurities in the air through the filter screen. This releases fresh air. And this kind of trouble is your real-time monitoring filter usage. according to the level of air pollution. The replacement cycle is also different.

If the filter is not replaced in time, the efficiency and cleanliness of air purification will be attenuated. Contaminants such as bacteria and viruses will be deposited on the filter screen. It is released into the air by the operation of the fan. caused secondary pollution. So air purifier replacement is a very serious matter.

2. The filter is so important, so what kind of filter is appropriate to replace?

Filter-type air purifiers mainly use filters to intercept pollutants, thereby purifying the air. The pore size and air permeability of the filter are closely related to its purification effect. Most filters can only intercept larger particles and are often ineffective for some fine particles. So when replacing the filter, we can't stay the same. But according to their own situation, such as smog. Its main hazard is PM2.5. Therefore, when choosing a filter, the key point is that it is effective for PM2.5.

3. In addition to this passive filter purification, what is the active type?

Active air purifiers are currently the most popular on the market. It can release a lot of negative ions when working. The negative ions can take the initiative to attack, and can quickly and effectively dedust, sterilize, and degrade formaldehyde and other organic volatile gases.

And negative ions are natural elements of nature. Can enhance the body's immunity. The main reason for purifying the air is that the dust, particles, bacteria, smoke, etc. in the air are all positively charged. under the charge of negative ions. make them attract each other. increase its quality. thereby sinking.
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